Our Top Picks: Smart Scales for Tracking Weight Loss

Regardless of race, colour or creed, weight loss is something we all strive to do after a long break like Christmas. Or maybe you’re keeping a closer eye on it whilst you’re training for your next event.

Whether you’ve changed or diet, exercise plan or a bit of both, ultimately you need the right scales to make sure you’re going on the right path.

But how do you get past all the new fitness jargon? Are you looking for a fancier set up that can track fat percentage? Let’s go through best weight scales as of 2019.

John Lewis Anti-Slip Bathroom Analyser Scale

Typically we wouldn’t open with the “cheap and cheerful” option, however John Lewis have created by far the best value option. Yes, it might not be much to look at but if you take into account it measures weight, fat percentage and BMI, this is a great choice.

Tanita BC 1500 Ironman

For the athletes or athletes to be, here are the scales for you. A partner of Ironman, Tanita are well known the market by keen gym goers and professionals alike. Not only is it considered the most accurate scale, it gives you the full overview of your body composition, including fat, water and muscle. We’re not finished there, it’s even able to break this down to specific body segments and comes with software compatible across your phone and laptop. If you’re a bit short on cash this month or you’re just looking to check your weight however, you should be looking elsewhere.

Omron BF511

A middle option with a few of the bells and whistles is the Omron BF511. It’s appearance is a bit clinical but it’s definitely an affordable option for those looking for assistance in their fitness preparations. Whilst it checks your BMR, BMR and visceral fat levels, the process of having to bend over and take hold of the handles on the scales will make you consider shutting the door.

Tanita RD953

Taking into account value for money, performance and suitability, the Tanita RD953 is our choice. No question does it hover over affordable and luxury, it’s compatibility with Apple and Google technology makes it a fit for everyone. As a non-performance athlete, you’ll get all the readouts your after such as fat and muscle, even a cardio age estimate to give you another target to work towards.

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Best Electric Toothbrushes for a Healthy Smile

For years, you will have seen or heard countless adverts promoting the use of electric toothbrushes. The science behind this is relatively simple, in that a significant amount of people don’t brush properly and/or for long enough with a manual toothbrush. In comparison, an electric toothbrush does most of the hard work in a fraction of the time. On this basis, an electric toothbrush promotes better oral health.

Interestingly, good oral health directly impacts other areas of the body, most importantly it reduces our chances of heart disease. However, the price leap between a manual and an electric toothbrush is considerable. As such, we’ve prepared a list of the top toothbrushes available, so you’re not making this investment more than once.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

One of the pricier additions to our list, but well worth the money. With smart sensors and its own customer app to show your progress, accompanied by 5 cleaning modes and a notably stylish look, you can’t go far wrong with this electric toothbrush.

Oral-B Pro 2 2000

No doubt if you’ve done your research you will have encountered many value offerings that make you question not only why some are so expensive, but indeed which is the best value. If you’re looking to avoid a hefty outlay, the Oral-B Pro 2 2000 does the job handsomely, a simple but effective electric toothbrush without the bells and whistles.

Foreo Issa 2

This funky design will certainly catch your eye. On closer inspection of the reviews it will do much more than that. With an all-silicone build, it’s more soft in your mouth, and has an interesting perk of drying significantly faster than its counterparts leading to much less bacteria. If you aren’t looking for fancy apps or modes, but are prepared to pay for a bit more than for a value electric toothbrush, then this is for you.

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100

Whats the difference between DiamondClean and ProtectiveClean? I’m about to tell you! The market leader for quality, this electric toothbrush not only has different modes, but different intensities for those more sensitive or tougher gums. Philips also boast not just cleaner, but whiter teeth within one week. As before with the previous Philips electric toothbrush, your budget will need to be a tad higher than for its competitors.

Oral-B Genius 9000

An impressive electric toothbrush. Long battery life, several modes, comfortable, options on brush heads and much more. Whilst the app leaves much to be desired, the quality of the toothbrush stands on its own.

It can be frustrating seeing reviews for 5 star related products and then seeing the price is well outside your budget. However it’s easier than ever to compare pricing, and more often than not sites such as Amazon will discount them by more than half, so it’s certainly worth checking them out.

Top 10 Running Tracks: Hip Hop and R&B Edition

When it comes to running, we all know that a banging playlist can make or break a work out – whether you are a genuine running addict or would much rather be sitting on the sofa. We’ve compiled a Top Ten list of our favourite hip hop running songs to keep you going mile after mile both on the treadmill and on the pavement. Here are your new favourite running mixes!

1 – 99 Problems by Jay Z

I got ninety nine problems but running ain’t one! This amazing 2003 track from Jay Z’s eighth studio album The Black Album carries rough and urban riffs guaranteed to get your trainers pounding the floor faster, and with more sass. Running is always a great time for thinking through life’s problems, so run with Jay Z for the answers.

2 – Lose Yourself by Eminem

Reaching your limit on your run? Program this song into your playlist for the ideal fuel to propel you beyond the dreaded “wall”. Eminem’s Oscar-winning Lose Yourself is considered to be one of his best songs, and we simply couldn’t agree more. The King of self-motivation, this mid-tempo song delivers punchy beats and an angsty narrative for the perfect push-yourself kick in the middle of a run. You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it!

3 – Stronger by Kanye West

Incorporating elements from house, electro, techno and electronica, this futuristic tune with catchy synths is perfect for picking yourself up when you feel like you can’t run anymore. We all know that feeling, so thanks Kanye for putting it down into words (albeit in a robot voice). After all, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

4 – 212 by Azealia Banks ft. Lazy Jay

The perfect positive song for the start of your run – we know it’s a little bit potty-mouthed, but welcome to the world of Hip Hop and R&B! This infectious dance floor filler is the perfect running companion with a little bit of edge. If you don’t end up singing along, we’ll be surprised. Sayin’ your runnin’, but you ain’t goin’ no where!

5 – Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas

Can you see your front door in the horizon like a distant mirage? We’ve got your back. This all-time favourite banger from Black Eyed Peas is an ideal selection when you’re dripping with sweat and only five minutes away from the nirvana of a hot shower and a cup of tea. Put on this song and pump it, louder!

6 – Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa

We know Black and Yellow is a little bit repetitive, but we couldn’t care less. It’s so catchy it hurts, and the repetitiveness helps with the repetitiveness of running and zoning out into that trance that aids us in even the most mind-numbing “I-want-to-be-at-home” workouts. Yes, we’ve said repetitive three times. Hit the pedal with Wiz and make the floor shake!

7 – Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz

For the ultimate “feel good” factor (see what we did there), this wonderful Gorillaz track places seventh in our Top Ten. With an incredibly catchy melody and awesome bassline, this dark but beautiful song needs to make it onto your playlist. A good pick for the first section of your run. Take it all there on your stride with Gorillaz!

8 – Push it by Salt-N-Pepa

We simply couldn’t select our Top Ten favourites without this ultimate throwback from Salt-N-Pepa. A dependable parter starter, Push It is also a great running track packed with electro-grooves. This is another tune for the end of your run when you need a last motivational hit – Push it real good!

9 – The Way You Move by Outkast

Mixing bass, Atlanta-style Southern hip hop and 70s soul music, this tune from the beloved Outkast is bound to get your feet moving to the beat. It’s impossible not to love, and the quick tempo assists with pace and motivation. I like the way you move!

10 – Sorry by Beyonce

This is a great song for nicking lyrics posting indirect tweets about your ex, but also an absolute banger for your run. A mid-tempo R&B track with a thumping beat, Sorry gives us an evolution of early 2000s R&B with a truckload of 2019 sass. Find personal empowerment during your running thinking session, and speed your running up every time you think about your haters. I ain’t sorry!

Find all these great tracks on Amazon Music Unlimited to create awesome running playlists packed full of your favourite motivating tunes – with unlimited access to over 50 million songs and ad-free listening.

How Do You Know Which Type of Magnesium is Best for You?

In recent years, food supplements have become more and more popular as studies enforce their significance. A micronutrient with ever-increasing importance is Magnesium. Not only are UK citizens on the whole deficient in Magnesium, its versatility in supporting a healthy lifestyle cannot be ignored.

If you’re a regular blog or review site reader, you’ll notice the common theme is to compare price, quality, and the vendor’s credibility. However the value of this supplement is so pronounced, we’re going to discuss the best five Magnesium supplements and their individual purposes and help you choose what’s best for your body.

Magnesium Threonate

It may be your visit to this site has some relation to memory or brain ability in general. This could be down to an unfortunate diagnosis such as Alzheimers or Multiple Sclerosis, or maybe you need an added 1 or 2% for when you’re studying. Science has become significantly more prominent in this area, and Magnesium Threonate is and has shown to help in these areas.

Magnesium Malate

For those of you with regular muscle soreness and fatigue, Magnesium Malate should be on your list. This supplements helps create energy and use energy, whilst also relaxing soothing muscle pain and helping maintain the strength of teeth and bones.

Magnesium Glycinate

Probably the most absorbable forms of magnesium, this will be good hearing to those with sleep apnea or insomnia. Magnesium Glycinate is typically taken before bedtime as this formula with Glycine provides a calming effect and helps you catch 40 winks.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride comes in many different forms but is more commonly found as a body spray or liquid to accompany your water. Studies have identified a relationship between better digestion and consumption of food and liquid for those including this supplement in their diet.

Magnesium Sulfate

Commonly known as Epsom Salts, these are regularly absorbed through the skin whilst having a bath, however can also be taken through capsules though it is regularly associated with digestive discomfort or issues. Magnesium Sulfate is documented relieving stress and also removing harmful toxins from the pores in your skin.

The 5 Best Protein Bars After a Hefty Workout

For many years now, supplements such as protein bars have been available to streamline your progress, and for the most part this is true. Companies have created a plethora of tasty, healthy and convenient snacks allowing you to improve whilst leaving you with more of the most precious commodity – time.

Exercise and a healthy diet go in hand-in-hand, whether you’re looking for that summer bod or making small changes to improve quality of life.

For many years now, supplements such as protein bars have been available to streamline your progress, and for the most part this is true. Companies have created a plethora of tasty, healthy and convenient snacks allowing you to improve whilst leaving you with more of the most precious commodity – time.

But who should you trust with your hard earned cash? Which protein bars will push you to greatness, and which are simply expensive sugar canes? We’ve broken down the 5 best protein bars to chomp down on after those hefty workouts.

1 – Grenade Carb Killa Go Nuts

Vegan friendly, gluten free and containing no artificial additives, the Go Nuts bar from Grenade covers all bases. 10g of protein is smaller than we normally see from Grenade, however with only 2g sugar and 178 calories in total, we’re sure your body will thank you for this choice.

2 – PhD Protein Flapjacks Peanut Butter

The PhD Flapjack range is quite simply delicious – especially the peanut butter bar. 19g protein in a 75g flapjack make this offering more specific to those serious about building muscle and cutting down on carb and fat intake. Whilst arguably being a little too moreish and higher in calories than other bars, this vegetarian-friendly bar will fit in well with your nutritional plan.

3 – Maximuscle Promax Lean Cookies and Cream

For those of you with a sweet tooth to satisfy, this bar is for you. Maximuscle Promax Lean bars feel more of a treat than many of its competitors, however this comes at a price for its relatively high e-number count. At 55g per bar with 20g protein, it suits well as a mid-way house for regular trainers looking to minimise sugar intake.

4 – Amfit Nutrition Chocolate Caramel

Amazon’s value offering might surprise you as a sought-after option. The Amfit product range competes well in protein amount (19g), bar size (60g) and sugar content (2g). However many reviewers mention its high fibre content and how it affects them post-workout, so these must be taken with some small caution.

5 – Trek Protein Flapjacks Cocoa Oat

For the most organic and healthy choice, Trek have a truly “free from” protein bar to settle your cravings. A much higher sugar content of 28g per 100g bar may swerve your attention, however for long distance runners and the like this little treat may come in handy.

Before buying any nutritional supplement, you must first choose your goals: Am I looking to bulk? Am I trying to improve endurance? Lose weight? Whatever you decide, your diet and protein bar choice must align with your target. For more help on your fitness plan, take a look at The Fitness Mindset by Brian Keane.