Our Top Picks: Smart Scales for Tracking Weight Loss

Regardless of race, colour or creed, weight loss is something we all strive to do after a long break like Christmas. Or maybe you’re keeping a closer eye on it whilst you’re training for your next event.

Whether you’ve changed or diet, exercise plan or a bit of both, ultimately you need the right scales to make sure you’re going on the right path.

But how do you get past all the new fitness jargon? Are you looking for a fancier set up that can track fat percentage? Let’s go through best weight scales as of 2019.

John Lewis Anti-Slip Bathroom Analyser Scale

Typically we wouldn’t open with the “cheap and cheerful” option, however John Lewis have created by far the best value option. Yes, it might not be much to look at but if you take into account it measures weight, fat percentage and BMI, this is a great choice.

Tanita BC 1500 Ironman

For the athletes or athletes to be, here are the scales for you. A partner of Ironman, Tanita are well known the market by keen gym goers and professionals alike. Not only is it considered the most accurate scale, it gives you the full overview of your body composition, including fat, water and muscle. We’re not finished there, it’s even able to break this down to specific body segments and comes with software compatible across your phone and laptop. If you’re a bit short on cash this month or you’re just looking to check your weight however, you should be looking elsewhere.

Omron BF511

A middle option with a few of the bells and whistles is the Omron BF511. It’s appearance is a bit clinical but it’s definitely an affordable option for those looking for assistance in their fitness preparations. Whilst it checks your BMR, BMR and visceral fat levels, the process of having to bend over and take hold of the handles on the scales will make you consider shutting the door.

Tanita RD953

Taking into account value for money, performance and suitability, the Tanita RD953 is our choice. No question does it hover over affordable and luxury, it’s compatibility with Apple and Google technology makes it a fit for everyone. As a non-performance athlete, you’ll get all the readouts your after such as fat and muscle, even a cardio age estimate to give you another target to work towards.

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